So, a friend (female) and I go the bar the other night to catch a drink at last call. There were two other couples there at the bar, each of them on a date (did not come together), and we were sitting next to them. It turns out the the man on one date, used to be boyfriends with the man on the other date!! The ladies were not real impressed, especially since seeing each other again made them both immediately realize that they are STILL gay, and still want to date each other.

Somehow, one of the ladies got the idea that she would be friendly with me and my friend, apparently in hopes of coming home with us for a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought the girls another drink, we hung out and chatted for a bit… and by this time the guys and the other lady had all left the bar. The two guys left together, and the other lady went home alone.

All of a sudden this girl turns instantly psycho, starts getting up in my face calling me names, and then starts slapping me in the face. Not hard, just being a crazy bitch… So my friend and I decide to leave, and this girl follows us out in the parking lot, starts screaming and yelling, pushing me, and trying to block us from getting in the car. She starts going back and forth between being super angry psycho, to suddenly soft, and sweet and innocent, then BAM! Psycho again!!

We finally get in the car, and this chick jumps in, over the lap of my friend, and starts clawing and scratching at me. I had to grab her hands and restrain her, and she started flailing around and screaming. We got into a bit of a screaming match until she shut up for a second… giving me just enough time to push her out of the car and lock the door!

Good times in Eastlake! HAHA! Watch out for the curly haired brunette with chiseled eyebrows!!
She’s a wild one!!