OK, I know there are some really smart people out  there. I mean, really smart… so smart, they can write a piece of script that will flood around the world, crashing and shutting down computers all over the place. Others will pop ads in front of your face, or trick you into giving them your credit card info… some just monitor what you do, and sell that info to other people… who will take advantage of you in one way or another…

But why are they all bad-guys?!? Where are the good hackers at?
I mean, come on… there has to be somebody out there with the brains and know-how of a hacker, but who doesn’t actually want to crash computers or steal money. Maybe you just want a good laugh?!

In the future, I would like to see more people writing trojan horses and viruses that do nothing other than simple jokes. Or how about a virus that actually HELPS? Wouldn’t it be funny if once an hour your computer just started tweeting like birds… only for a second or two, and then stopped? No malware, so spyware, no malicious data crash… just some birds chirping. 🙂 HA! Or, how about a trojan horse, that every 2ooth click of your mouse, will pop up a message dialogue box that simply reads: Everything on your computer seems to be running just fine. [OK] [DISAGREE] … Maybe one that right at noon, a loud voice comes on the speakers and announces “It’s 12 O’Clock, Yo!!” … Now that would be some funny shit.

Try to do it in such a way that does not eat up system resources… does not slow down my normal work flow, and is so subtle, and infrequent, that it will just be accepted by many, and pretty soon, the whole office building will be chirping like an aviary, and 12:00 Noon will be mandatory break time!!

GOOD hacks. Not bullshit ads and spyware. You are computer geeks, and you’re better than that. Prove it.